Leigh is organized and so easy to work with, and she got right to the heart of our business. She captured the exact voice we wanted – warm, welcoming, craft beer-focused, and true to our unique process.
— Vera Deckard, owner and head brewer, Künstler Brewing

Happy Clients


Leigh's wonderful personality, professionalism, and relaxed approach made my experience really enjoyable and stress free. She was so easy to talk to, and really took the time to understand my mission as an artist. Leigh composed my background, thoughts, and process into an eloquent statement and bio that have become vital to my work and professional development. Now I can confidently apply for artist opportunities, and present my work to the world!

— marisa finos, artist

I've always been so excited about this business, so it was hard for me to see it from the perspective of a new client. After seeing your copy work, I realize my shortcomings in communicating my message! Thank you so much – you have made it much more interesting and coherent, and you added so much style to my writing.

— riley mcallister md, school of wellness

Not only is Leigh an elegant, incisive writer, she uses those talents to elevate others' written work as well. As a copy editor for Make Change magazine, Leigh ensures our articles are factual, clear, and well-written, often under demanding deadlines. Our publication is much better for her assistance and she is always a delight to work with. 

— callie enlow, editor-in-chief, make change

As a visual artist, writing is an important part of my practice. Recently, I found myself stuck while writing about a new body of work. One meeting with Leigh, where I rambled and stammered through my new ideas, helped tremendously. She thoughtfully listened, took notes, asked questions, and gathered my thoughts into a cohesive outline and statement. Leigh made the process so comfortable!

— jennifer ling datchuk, artist