Services are priced according to scope of project.

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Brand Audit and Strategy Session

 Over time, brands can become diffuse and ineffective without strategic, comprehensive oversight. A brand audit collects all of your client-facing assets together in one place, along with digital baseline analytics, and evaluates the whole. I’ll review what’s working, what needs improvement, any missed opportunities. Then, I’ll sit down with you and your team for a strategy session to nail your company vision, brand voice and values, and new marketing goals.


Not everyone in your organization will have a natural talent for writing, but poor communication skills won’t cut it in any position in today’s information-driven world. I love to teach, and offer relevant, targeted, customizable communication workshops for teams up to 15. We can cover the fundamentals of professional writing, common grammar blind spots, persuasive proposal writing, interoffice communication, media training, using brand and style guides, and more.


Small companies, especially start-ups and non-profits, can run lean. You may not have the resources or staff expertise to devote to creating a comprehensive communications plan. I can help you identify and develop the strategic goals and objectives for your business, clearly, efficiently, and with an eye to successful implementation by your staff.

project management

When you decide to launch a new business initiative, consider the benefits of hiring a contract project manager. As your temporary cat herder, I’ll ensure the three most important aspects of your project –– budget, timeline, and scope –– stay true to your final objective. I’ll also keep the entire team appropriately informed and connected. 


    WRITING for businesses

    Copy for web sites, e-newsletters, and brochures that captures your unique offering and doesn’t sound like every other business out there? Of course! But I also excel at interviews, speeches, proposals, evaluations and recommendations, and difficult emails that need a diplomatic touch – like complaints.


    Visual artists sometimes struggle to translate their ideas into words, but in order to be successful, every artist needs some fundamental pieces of writing. I have a special background in writing for artists, including statements, bios, press releases, and other copy. I can also help you shape concepts, organize projects, and apply for grants and residencies.

    office hours

    Occasionally, I schedule one-off blocks of 50 minute sessions for $50 each. These sessions offer immediate, practical solutions to creative problems. Here are some of the things we can work on in 50 minutes:

    • Busting through a creative block or procrastination
    • Developing an idea or a concept
    • Critiquing/editing a short piece of writing
    • Making a decision and outlining a plan of action
    • Receiving feedback and encouragement